Key Features
  • Create activity models (patient numbers/types and numbers of treatments/types of space required/care providers and future versions illustrating how things will change
  • Create capacity models – numbers of each required space type available at each location
  • Models of how the estate might change in the future and supports comparisons with predictive models of future service models.
  • Informs where investment in property or service redesign will provide greatest impact to improve outcomes and cost savings.
  • Graphically displays where there is too much or too little capacity – today and in the future to enable scenarios to be fully tested and stakeholders engaged
  • Enables the estate to be “right sized” and also “right located”


RESOURCE is the service planning part of the jigsaw, providing the means to model demand and the facilities that service providers need. Where there are insufficient rooms to satisfy demand for treatments, delays can result that eventually lead to more (expensive) care.

Correspondingly there might be available space but in the wrong location or of the wrong type.

Capacity models – numbers of each required space type at each location. Models for future change are also created so comparisons can be made to see how changes in models of care or the types and locations of facilities provided can impact.