Key Features
  • Estate Terrier
  • Estate Map view
  • Estate and Facility documents
  • Facility Data Sets
  • Estate Reports
  • Facility Comparison Reports
  • Operators Helpdesk/Site Issues Recording and Reporting
  • KPI Reports over the whole estate:
  • Identify the better contractors and or/site managers
  • Focus on underperforming providers & provide site managers with means to drive performance
  • Assess possible locational impact
  • Ensure the effort is directed at the right buildings
  • Help ensure money isn’t being wasted

is the estate terrier that allows the assignment of records against each property, via spreadsheet import  and presents them graphically in Google Maps. 
PLACE allows the assignment of documents/drawings against each property within definable categories. Review dates can be applied to alert you of such things as tenancy review dates, lease renewals, asbestos surveys etc. Comparison reports of charges, rents or running costs can be made across the whole estate.

PLACE includes a helpdesk allowing building managers to identify Estate issues that might affect availability, alert the appropriate service provider(s) and any other parties (possibly tenants) automatically by email.

There is also a KPI function that enables you to track performance of contractors and service providers.