Key Features
  • Records utilization of each space
  • Reports by Service Provider
  • Rooms/spaces assigned with activities they are able/safe to support
  • Activity-driven searches for booking suitable and available spaces
  • Documents assigned to a space, providing advanced information on equipment or risks
  • Booking space - see what adjacent rooms used for, avoiding inappropriate bookings
  • Rooms can have default hire cost
  • Cost per patient based on the room costs


ROOMS is the facility space utilization and room booking application – the main driver to improve levels of utilization and optimize the use of the estate.

Unlike traditional booking systems, it is focused on how many people/what services were delivered in that period from that room – not simply if it was booked or not.

Each room/space is assessed locally to determine what services are safe to be delivered (this might identify minor investment that could enable additional services from that space) and those options are recorded as searchable attributes.

This means someone looking for a space in a locality is presented with buildings with suitable spaces on a map and can drill into a floor plan, see the location of the room and adjacent spaces to enable a service to be planned, check the spec and see a photo to check suitability, see the cost, book the space, record the service provider, send out information to attendees and generate booking reports all in one process.

Attendees can also use ROOMS to book car park spaces particularly where car parking is rationed or subject to workplace parking levy.

The same interface is used to record actual utilization – how many of the planned patients attended a clinic, how many un-planned so reporting on real levels of utilization to improve service planning and possibly release underused and costly property.