Key Features
  • Library management of activity-led design requirements
  • Library management of successful design solutions
  • Improved Output Specifications, ERs and TRs.
  • Integrated SoAs, Room Data Sheets, Drawings and maintenance information
  • Helps coordinate fully loaded room data sheets with loaded drawings
  • User meetings in interactive 3D with coordinated drawings and schedules
  • Fully detailed and coordinated production drawings, C Sheets and schedules
  • Enhanced O&M and PPM information for Asset management
  • Re-useable models and Knowledge base for future projects


Problems with traditional output specifications:

  1. they require designers to interpret many documents and some might miss what is required
  2. changes to the requirements or the bidder’s proposals are difficult to track
  3. comparing requirements against bid responses is time consuming and open to mistakes

activeplan can be used to develop a schedule of accommodation and supporting facilities from first principles or can import the spread sheets and ADB data and produce a fully coordinated model against which the design is developed and managed. It creates and manages versions of both client’s requirements and contractor’s proposals

It’s widely recognised that BIM requires clients to be clear about what they need. This might include some early optioneering design or a clear output specification that includes requirements in a form that can be used directly by BIM applications with minimal need for interpretation.

This makes the checking process of need against proposed design, agreed design against delivered facility, performance of an operational facility against standard specifications easier.

IMPACT is a web-based briefing and specification management application that helps protect profit, improve predictability, reduce/manage change and support continuous improvement.