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Key Features

  • visualisation of the condition survey
  • time stamped comparison reporting
  • produce works planning schedules
  • importing of survey from spreadsheets
  • custom web input interface
  • integrated SQL database

Case study: Tower 42 Cladding Project

Tower 42, formerly known as the NatWest Tower, was completed in London in 1980 and is managed by BNP Paribas. They approached Activeplan is 2006 with a set of data produced by the cladding survey team, with an issue that this data could not easily be interpreted in the context of efficiently managing remedial works for the 2,350 panels.

Elevations and Plans were created in activeplan detailing each cladding panel and the recorded measures against each panel were imported via spreadsheets. Targeted measures could then be displayed on both the Elevations and work schedules to address issues identified through standard reports.

BNP Paribas next wanted to see how subsequent yearly surveys compared with those completed previously, so Activeplan further developed the application to analyse the differences between targeted measures year on year. Further to this the client wanted an improved method of inputting the paper survey without using a spreadsheet and asked Activeplan to engineer a solution. Activeplan has provided them with tablet or smart phone access to a web based user interface to be utilised in the cradle or in the office, recording the results directly into the system.